Crowd Control

Crowd Control

South-Side Security and Investigations crowd control integrates customer service, risk and safety management and specialised crowd management practices whilst working with event promoters and management.

Our long-standing experience has equipped us with the skills needed to understand licensing and crowd control needs. We have plenty of industry knowledge and can allocate the right security personnel to suit specific environments.

We understand compliance issues and are strategically placed at specific sites. All obligations are met with respect to Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and NSW Security Industry Codes of Practice.

SSI do the hard work for you and take all the preventative measures to maximize safety and reduce risk or damage at the event.

Site Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Alcohol Management Operations Register (AMOR) are adapted to each specific location to establish performance criteria for various aspects of the operations of the site where crowd control is mandatory.

On every site, we issue NSW Government Communities office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing Incident and Responsible Service of Alcohol Training Registers approved books and folders to minimise alcohol related harm and again, work for flawless events.

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